Taiwan 2017

In November 2017 I could make my third trip to Taiwan. The trip was themed: visiting friends.
I was overwhelmed by the friendship and generosity of my friends. It was impossible to create an agenda to meet all friends in the 2 weeks.


I could find a nice apartment at Xinbeitou with the hot springs, and I got my own hot spring on the balcony in the 12th floor. Nearby the Xinbeitou MRT station.


Taichung and Lukang

First time in Taichung, south of Taipei. I met new friends, an architect’s couple. That made me see some special architecture these days.
But near their house there was a primary school. There I could spend half a day with teachers and children, learned a lot and thought them a German song. The purpose was to let them exercise their English.



Very special was  a weekend at the wild east coast in Hualen (where the strong earthquake frightened the world later).
Here tectonic processes create a unique rugged landscape.


Many thanks to my friends who welcomed me so heartily and supported me.