Taiwan 2015

After a year again to Taiwan for a month, to meet old friends and to make new ones.
To meet again the superabundant hospitality and friendliness of the people, the rich nature and the tasty dishes.

IMG_20150321_082415 IMG_20150319_220538 IMG_20150318_150550 IMG_20150408_141612 IMG_20150331_144021_1 IMG_20150331_143937 IMG_20150329_143759 IMG_20150327_194447 IMG_20150321_171508 IMG_20150321_162208IMG_20150327_123156 IMG_20150412_154008
IMG_20150320_134010 CIMG5322 CIMG5321 CIMG5231
Near Toufen I met Buddha again at a special dao community. The biggest metal Buddha of the world, 32 m tall. I liked much more the small one.
You know the secret of Buddha’s stomach?
It is full of friendliness and wisdom
and he offers everyone with his widely opened hand.

IMG_20150411_113347 IMG_20150411_111325 IMG_20150411_105259
I was travelling a lot. Who knows Deutsche Bahn appreciates even more the precisly organized public transport in Taiwan. But a Bike from one of the numerous bike stations of Teipei, a boat in Tainan’s mangroves or the driver-less MRT in Taipei make fun.

IMG_20150331_120002 IMG_20150319_110316IMG_20150406_214216
I won’t forget the delicious markets and dishes

IMG_20150412_140332 IMG_20150411_125005 IMG_20150406_195811 IMG_20150406_150224 IMG_20150401_205844 IMG_20150328_203051 IMG_20150321_185643 IMG_20150321_082012
IMG_20150321_185633 IMG_20150328_091551 IMG_20150321_082603 IMG_20150319_220538 CIMG5240 CIMG5239 CIMG5228
Many thanks to all my friends, companions and hosts for all their kindness.

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