Korea 2018


First time in my life I used business class. It was really comfortable, a seat which could be used like a bed, very good meals quiet launches at the airports… It made the 12 hours flight to Seoul somehow relaxing.
I could afford it only because of enough miles earned.

Not only Kimchi

Korean food tasted good. The rumor „You can not eat, it’s too hot, you’re hurt“ is not true.
I liked very much the chicken with Ginseng,  and various others. Most surprising was the beef soup with rice (Sullungtang). It was exactly how my grandma prepared it 50 years ago in Palatinate. We have much more in common than we think.

Jogyesa Temple

Just see the pictures…



Korea is a country in a change –  for hundreds of years I have the impression. My hosts showed me several Museums. But again and again I learned that we have much more similarity than differences. Most similar to German history is the country strictly divided into 2 parts, separated by a demilitarized zone.
In Germany nobody really had expected the unification. In Korea you find even a unification rail bridge and a huge train station – almost empty. Tomorrow we can start, it wants to show. But only a few people can cross the boarder, like the sportsmen for the Olympic Games.
Most Koreans are scared of the costs of a unification. They are right. Peace is expensive – but always less than a war.
I wish the Koreans are more prudent and careful than the Germans. But hopefully they can break down the fences in a time when  more and more fences and walls become modern, like in USA, Hungary, Palestine…

Many thanks, my friends, you made me curious to see more Korea.